By Mark Vincent Lincir

Forget the protester scarves and just remember for a moment NEVER to get caught cheering for Chelsea when you are sitting amongst Man Utd fans. It didn’t happen to me, but it did happen to an unfortunate chap who cheered for Joe Cole’s opening goal.

The crowd around him went nuts…screaming to the stewards that he was a Chelsea supporter. The guy actually looked like he wanted to stay in his seat (would have been a massive blunder)…but the Stewards did the logical thinking for him and got him out of there.

Both teams looked a little tired and the game lacked the intensity and pace that I anticipated. Scholes did go flying in on a tackle and missed and was cautioned afterwards for it…but if he connected with his intended target, it would have been red card city for Scholes and stretcher city for his victim.

Without Rooney Man Utd lacks that game changer…Berbatov looked lost and isolated up top…Drogba is a scoring beast and was offsides on his goal. I still crack up how they water the field before the game AND at halftime. The stadium seats are comfortable if you are 5 ft tall…the field looked immaculate…the crowd was spirited and etremely bummed and quiet on the way out…I didn’t think 70,000 fans could ever really be quiet…but they were.

Got up at 4 am today to get from London to Manchester…slept on the bus most of the way…had a steak sandwich with fried egg on it for dinner…no pints…off to Everton v West Ham tomorrow. Get some sleep for me.

NOTE: Ate and drank at a 186 year old pub in London yesterday…the Albert…great food, good spirits…good vibe.

TOMORROW: I make a fashion statement.

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