by Mark Vincent Lincir

Been sorta going overboard on the tea lately…actually got called out at lunch today at Albert Dock in Liverpool by my lunchmates for drinking four teas and NO pints!!!

What’s up with that?

I’ll tell you what’s up with that…I have a rookie with me and feel more like going to Bed, Bath and Beyond and maybe a little Home Depot (if we have time) instead of going all out. But that’s okay, I’m having a lovely time…a really LOVELY time! I mean it, I am not gritting my teeth as I write this.

I plan on bringing my “A” game tomorrow as we venture to Derby and get the VIP treatment. So stay tuned for those pics! Today we watched Everton give away the second half and share points with West Ham. I have never been a Scott Parker fan, but after not doing much in the first half…he came out in the second half and changed the game…he never stopped working and held the ball so well it made me feel that he deserves to maybe, just maybe, be somewhere better??? Just a thought.

The whole crowd at Goodison Park broke out in USA, USA chants after Tim Howard stuffed Mido on his pk. It was great to hear and Howard is legit and well-liked. Goodison is a great place to watch a game. Everything is right on top of the pitch and the crowd was actually pretty mellow…maybe it was because in the first half Everton had the ball 90% of the time and in the West Ham end and it actually ended up being sort of boring. West Ham did well to battle the whole second half to get the crucial point.

It was also amazing to see how close Goodison Park and Anfield are to each other…they are literally seperated by a park. You could sprint (not me, you…I don’t sprint anymore it’s in my contract…the fine print) across it in three minutes. Well, I’m off to bed, just ate duck in a wrap…it was good. Rookie teammate won’t let me eat McDonald’s, but I’ll get to one somehow.

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  1. So far…so good.

    Still need to eat at Roscoe’s…

    I went to Chelsea v. Fulham @ Stamford Bridge last season and the Fulham away supporters were much more into the match then the Chelski supporters (everyone in my section were Russian).

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