FootballFans is an international community for active soccer fans, attending matches and sharing their experiences.

We are pleased to collaborate with 90Soccer, as we are complementary to each other and both offer a platform for the active fans, those who love soccer, attend matches and have an opinion on our beautiful game. Where 90Soccer operates from the US, we are based in Europe. Where the focus of 90Soccer is on your opinion, we focus on the coverage of matches by fans with reports, pictures and videos.

Together FootballFans build the collaborative history of football matches, with statistics, line-ups, events, photos, videos, reports, comments, collectables and last but not least their own presence. FootballFans is some kind of Wikipedia for football matches, created by fans! A reference site for all football lovers.

FootballFans also (pl)eases the fan life with handy features like a Quick Match Locator, to find matches nearby or a season scheduler, enabling to organize ticket exchange, travelling together or meeting with other football friends. They can log their collection of memorabilia on-line and keep track of their progress for the 92-club. All features for the real fan.

FootballFans contains:
• 750,000 matches covering all major competitions in the world
• 11,000 stadiums with details and location
• 80,000 pictures of matches and stadiums
• 15,000 videos connected to matches

Join us, contribute and share your experiences of your attended matches!





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