FIFA is deeply saddened by the tragic incidents which led to the death of football fans and others at last night’s match in Port Said (Egypt). As expressed by President Blatter in a letter to the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) today (see the PDF on the right hand side), FIFA is in mourning and our thoughts are with the families of all those who lost their lives.

Furthermore, FIFA has asked the Egyptian authorities for a full report on the incidents in order to evaluate what happened.

It is important to recall that FIFA has established strict safety regulations for all of its competitions. As is mentioned in article 1, paragraph 2 of those regulations (check the safety regulations PDF on the right hand side), the regulations may only serve as guidelines for competitions and matches not organised by FIFA, in which it is the responsibility of the respective organiser and local authorities to apply their own safety regulations.

Finally, FIFA has offered its full support to the Egyptian Football Association and will provide the EFA with any assistance it needs with regard to this tragedy.

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