The second day of Fifa Confederations cup in Russia was heated up with two games from both Group and the Fiesta duel of Group A that was highly viewed by many prior to the tournament really proved that statement. the strings of highly remarkable duels in the group stage of this tournament has virtually amplified fascinating navigation to lead up the world cup story with arguably some significant favorites produced fine performances and sealing semi-final spots. now let’s make a crucial assessment of how semi-finalists will embrace their storyline to navigate the path to the glory.

Germany vs Chile: the inspirational share of the group stage’s defined festival was the match in the group B where Germany faced off Chile in a game many would consider to be repeated in the same stage of next year’s world cup or even seen to be in the final, two superbly talented, tactically enthusiastic, technically adapted and entertaining sides played a fairly equal 1-1 draw at the end. Chileans ambitiously initiated the attacking momentum when shown attempt to control the possession against a relatively energized young German side, Joackim lowe purposefully presented their B squad without many of the famous names hadn’t featured in this tournament, yet the young lads have shown vast array of promising, enthusiasm and maturity so far. both sides looked determined to define their game plan, but the South American champions took the lead early on through their eager anticipation. inside the six minutes Mustafi’s poor attempt to initiate a pass out of back line was timely interrupted by Vidal’s pressure and fallen into Sanchez path before he sharply sparking a pace to perfectly combined a short play with Vidal in return to burst into open gap when outracing Rudy’s pressure and finishing a low range left footed shot to beat Ter Stegen off the near post and inside the net. Germans appeared to be aware of the difficult challenge facing against Chilean’s energetic and fluid attacking intent and could conceded the second goal few minutes later. Sanchez slick change of positions when attempted to turn faced Germany defense’s tied press, but Vargas reacted quickly to pick the ball to turn and smacking his powerful long range shot that bounced off the higher post and was palmed away. Germany slowly grown into the game, finding their energetic coordination of possession to generate switching open spaces to link up from defense to reduce Chile’s intense attacking pressure that allowed Germans to interact more mobility to gain positions off the ball and combining neat passing in transition to attack and sharing vital possession in the advance areas with Kimmich and Sule offered freedom to become wingers to push high up for interacting overlaps and drifting inside when Can as a deep passer linking with forward runs, sustain the constant interchanging play with Goretzka and Stindle to create. equally eased the task of back line’s anticipating the second line of press when Chile particularly Sanchez, Vida and Vargas appeared to storm forward, the approach reinstated a crucial momentum for Lowe’s side to dictate their attacking play and the equalizer was followed up. while being eager to initiate accurate play out of back to exploit Chile’s high press, Mustafi smartly monitored a fine tracking of the space with Rudy and Hendrich anticipated instantaneously delightful short exchanges when switched to Ginter and he brilliantly ignited a transition  play to split Chile’s press when his pass offered Can with plenty of space to storm forward while is sparked vital pace and time to link up Can sliced a neat through pass inside Chile’s back line gap that perfectly was braced with Hector’s fine overlap run before his short wide pass was netted in by Stindle to level the terms. both teams tried to impose their fierce attacking possession with strings of spontaneous change of passing tempo, dynamic combination towards constant attempt of igniting well defined opening spaces and high mobility to build up the momentum on both spectrum of transitioning to attack and reacting to win off the press scenario to counter, but dramatically both sides looked so determine to sustain their eager compacted line of press when needed to divert midfield diamond of often three lying creators into deep holding and jointed central drifters to shield the midfield In many cases, vidal more consistently deployed into second deeper player in front of their back line while Sanchez, Vargas and aranguiz pilling track of high press to deny German’s build up, on the other side with only Stindle being the striker to shifting over the line to link with midfielder’s interchange play, most often Drexler would have pushing into advance role from central positions to sustain passing play, igniting enthusiastic maneuver to roam more freely with technical ability, speed and rhythmic moves to interchange with front men and when Kimmich joining as wide striker to imply continuity on their intended circulation of relentless passing sequences and sparking possible tempo of penetrations as much they virtually believed would be the key in attack. beyond the surpass of committing to minimum risk of being expose in deep areas, while further the tendency of energetic build up of possession with aim of calibrating an ambitious extent of amplifying pure combinations to break opponent’s press, mobilizing free runs in tiny spaces, generating superb short exchanges to spark speed and fiercely igniting high tempo of changing attacking point; the original characteristics seeing to be carried out purely by gifted playmakers such as Sanchez, Diaz on Chile and Drexler on the other side when game was rapidly bouncing off the midfield line equally to precise pressing intention in transitioning to pierce fluid attacking creativity to highest extent displayed a very entertaining battle between two sides all the way to the end. in two occasions Sanchez attempted to break inside German defense when exchanged speedy overlaps first with Diaz on the left and then by Vidal and Vargas neat combinations as picking him through the center of the box, but his efforts was saved by Ter Stegen. Germans had their fair share of chances, Drexler produced dazzling interplay effort to set up Ginter’s cool overlaps when drifting centrally, but his final touch was blocked by Medel, then a fine combination between Can and Sule to switch a simple play centrally allowed Drexler to win space over the box before his short pass to Stindle over the top of the box saw the striker sending his low range shot into path of Bravo. Sanchez sent a curling inswing free kick ten minutes from the end that went over the bar.

both teams provided a marginally perfect balance of pressing-possession approach to sustain an even compacted shape of tactical vision relying in high tempo transition of attack based on pivotal deep pressing, while Chile in a widely significant manner looked eager to dictate the speed of attack and seemed a bit more eager to produce dynamic attacking movements, but far and few between the occasions they intended to divert their fearless attacking play into hybrid pressing line in the midfield that kept the physical pressure, demanded prolific energy preserved for defensive resiliency and elevating a reliable strategic vision of discipline pressing and fluid dynamic attack at its very equal. two main title favorites will face different opponents in Semi Final, Chile will be eager to inspire their tactically adapted attacking intent in reliance of a pure technical attributes of its skillful players to ignite spontaneous tempo of constant rhythm of mobility to gain possession and fierce transitioning vision, producing strings of fluid and quality passing combinations to create flash of penetrations while committing to ambitious work ethic and high pressing against Portugal whom are proudly relying on their genius super star Cristiano Ronaldo, whose status to lead the attack with his pure instinctive vision, gifted finishing trademark and sheer positional superiority boost a massive confidence for his teammates, specially the brilliant youngster; Ander Silva to be deployed into lethal role of central attacking creators in partnership with Real Madrid man, further this set up given the entire squad to play with enthusiasm and tackling Chilean’s beautiful football.  Germany on the other side looked so balanced, constructively adapted both tactically and technically to define superior flexibility and cohesive depth of squad to play different formation and sustain efficiency to gain result, the approach seem fine enough although their squad is highly considered as a solid back up to their original team and deeply seeking to develop a transitional vision of breaking into world stage rather than actually aiming to win the cup, yet they are capable to navigate their way to the glory when facing the newly rejuvenated Mexican team in the semi-final.

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