La Liga match 25

Lionel Messi stroke again and gave the win himself to his club FC Barcelona. Down 2-1 at Sevilla FC at the break, Messi scored a hat-trick to give a big win for his club. 

The Argentinian superstar reacted after the win:

“It’s not the league title but it was really important to win here because of what it means and keep our lead over our rivals.

It’s getting more difficult to win. We leave happy with a great result.” 

Coach Valderde added: “The best thing about Messi is how, where and when he scores.”

Messi scored 25 goals so far this season and remains the goal shoes in Europe in front of Kylian Mbappé [PSG] with 22 goals. Cristiano Ronaldo ranks third with 19 goals scored so far this season.

At Sevilla, Messi reached the milestone of 50 hat-tricks in his career. 44 of them have been with FC Barcelona and 6 with the National team. 

A week before El Clásico, FC Barcelona maintain a 7-point lead over rivals Atletico Madrid. This week FC Barcelona and Real Madrid will play against each other twice.

The first game will be the return leg of the Spanish Cup [1st leg: 1-1 in Barcelona] and the second will be a regular season game.