The 4th round of the FA Cup was played over the weekend and all major Premier League teams qualified to the 5th round (Round of 16) with potential exciting matchup to come. Arsenal did battle a modest Burnley side but finally overcame its opponent 2-1. Manchester City routed Aston Villa whose season looks like a nightmare being already almost relegated in the Premier League and Chelsea overcame the London’s suburb neighbors.  Both team will square off in the next round for an exciting matchup. Play your odds on the FA Cup and look at the common rules for casino bonus codes to find out the best way to win.

The fifth round draw has given us a few game to follow. Here is below the matchup to not miss!

THE GAME: Chelsea-Manchester City. maybe the most probable chance for the Blues to be European next season, there is a lot at stake for Abramovitch’s men.

Tottenham Hotspur-Crystal Palace

Arsenal-Hully City

Shrewsbury Town-Manchester United

You can read below each manager’s comment after the game

Arsenal 2-1 Burnley

Coach Arsene Wenger On the game…
We needed to work. At the start it looked like it would be easy because we had a lot of the ball and good opportunities around the box. When it came back to 1-1, it became a different game. I think we were a bit shocked and they gained belief. I saw them against Derby and I could see that this is a very efficient, strong team with no weakness. Everything they do is based on efficiency and they’ve shown that today. In the second half, I don’t think they created a lot. They had one or two opportunities on the counter-attack but we managed to win the game and we looked quite in control at the end. We needed to keep our focus, our urgency until the last minute.

on what winning three FA Cups in a row would mean…
First of all we have only passed two rounds. It’s a long way to go, when you look at everybody still in there. We would love to do it but there’s a long way to go. We are still in three competitions and we will try every time to get a team out to pass the round.

Aston Villa 0-4 Manchester City

Coach Manuel Pellegrini on the easy win:

“I told Bacary to tell Kelechi to shoot the penalty because he was in charge of them today. It’s unbelievable the way he takes penalties and I’ve seen him do it every day. That’s why he was the right option. He’s a very good young player. That’s why we kept him in the squad this season and that’s why we didn’t replace Jovetic and Edin Dzeko because I see him working every day and I know how important he can be. 

I’m very happy with the performance of the team because we made some important changes. We’re playing so many important games that I think we needed to rotate the squad. Secondly we were a very solid and consistent team. It’s very important to have different ways to play. We can’t press high every game because we have so many games it’s impossible”.

Milton Keynes 1-5 Chelsea

Coach Hiddink on the win:

‘The players have responded very well to the way we’re working. It’s important we got some results; at the beginning there were draws but the standard of the club needs more than draws. We had to find some security, which we did, and from then on we like to go on an array of victories, which isn’t standard in this difficult league.

‘Of course there is quality but there is also a will to do the disciplined tactical work we demand as a team, not just the players who are natural defenders but also the ones who are naturally more creative, and that’s benefiting the team.’

Derby County 1-3 Manchester United:

Coach van Gaal on the win: “I am very happy. The performance was also very good and I said that at half-time; that we can continue with the way we had played in the first half. We gave a goal away and it was by ourselves again, but I liked the performance in the first half, it had a lot of confidence and that is back which is very important. The second half was even better, we created a lot of chances and we scored goals. But also we created more chances to score more goals. I am a very happy coach.”