Golden Foot means an International football career award made of the mix of fan’s passion and the professionalism of 50 media partners from all over the world.

The result is a 10 champion’s list from which everyone can vote the Golden Foot winner 2010. This year Clarence Seedorf is in that list. He won 4 times the Champions League playing for three different clubs: Ajax, Real Madrid and AC Milan, where he still plays. Interviewed by he speaks about the famous 2005 Istanbul Champions League Final vs Liverpool, the history and tradition of Real Madrid and much more. And finally he reveals us who is the best player ever…

Q: Clarence what do you feel in being nominated in the Golden Foot list 2010?
A: It’s beautiful. It makes me happy because is something made by the supporters through the professionalism of 50 media from all over the world. And what a names inside the list!

David Beckham (England), Gianluigi Buffon (Italy), Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast), Samuel Eto’o (Cameroon), Steven Gerrard (England), Ryan Giggs (Wales), Carles Puyol (Spain), Raúl González Blanco (Spain), Clarence Seedorf (Netherlands), Francesco Totti (Italy).

Q: Ten champions and only one price. Who would you give your vote?
A: Obviously I can’t vote for me (Seedorf laugh!). Well, I say Drogba. I always liked the way he plays. And it’s a very good incentive for Africa that can rely on him and guys like Eto’o.

Q: For the first time, in the Golden Foot nominees list there are two players from Africa. Do we expect to see many more players from the “black continent” on top of football in the future?
A: I hope so! Drogba and Eto’O are massive for the whole continent. Africa is growing up really fast. Many other guys could show their skills very soon.

Q: Let’s go back to your “Spanish” experience. Any difference from “your” Real Madrid and the team of the last two-three years?
A: First of all, I have to say that Madrid means something special. It represents a real sport culture in Spain as all over the world. It never changes. After that I can say, Madrid now look for marketing much more than the past, when I was there.

Q: Many great managers in your career. Who has been the most influent one you have played for?
A: I’m not happy in making comparison between the managers. I had so many great managers that gave me something important. Lippi, Capello, Van Gaal just to mention three of them. And then Carlo Ancelotti, the one I played for the longest. With him I have been able to built up the most significant working relationship, but just because of time we had.

Q: And talking about players, who is actually the best in the world?
A: Messi. He is the best!

Q: Going back through the history of football, who is the best player ever?
A: I’ve got two names: Maradona and Pelè. And once again there is no comparison to do.

Q: You played for great clubs. Would you ever consider playing football in Turkey or did you receive a transfer offer from a Turkish club?
A: Why not! In the past someone from Turkey tried to take me there. The only place I know is Istanbul and I can say it’s a very nice place. The all I know about Turkish culture is from my friend Hakan Sukur. I can’t say I know Turkey, but the place gives me good feelings.

Q: This year the Champion League Group stage, with Real Madrid and Ajax, for you is like a memory book. What are you gone to feel?
A: Well, it’s strange how Madrid and Ajax will play against Milan. With them I won the cup and it’s not all: against Auxerre I played my first Champions League match! I’m sure I’ll be a very nice experience in every game.

Q: Ibrahimovic and Robinho can make AC Milan on the same level of Champions League holder Inter Milan?
A: They are both champions. They are important for us, but to reach such a high level we need of time and lots of work.

Q: AC Milan is a real giant. What do you feel playing for the “Rossoneri”?
A: It’s a great experience. You always feel on a string. Pressure is on you just because you play with that jersey and everybody is expecting the best from you every single time.

Q: You have visited Qatar as part of the European Champions League Trophy tour and during that trip you have visited some of the top facilities here, including the Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence. What are your impressions about Qatar and its Bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup?
A: I spent some time in Qatar; it was very nice. Very good structures and a really high profile organizations everywhere. I still have many friends down there. What I have seen is impressive. And probably, the Bid to host the World Cup is an absolute consequence of what they have done in the last times. They deserve the chance!

Q: Several high-profile Europe-based players are now playing in the Middle East, say like Juninho in Qatar and Cannavaro in the United Arab Emirates. Do you plan to play in the Arabian Gulf region any time?
A: I have so many friends there that I don’t think I can ever have any problem to get a chance. Never say never.

Q: ‘You are a legend in the world of football. You have won so many trophy’s and are one of the most successful Dutch players ever. It must hurt that your own country doesn’t give you the credits for all you have achieved. How do you cope with that and, maybe more important, do you think you should have played on more European and World Championships?
A: I’m not saying I will never play again for my country!


Q: What did you feel after missing the penalty in Istanbul 2005, and was it true that Milan was celebrating victory after half time? (Bledi Gjoni, USA)
A: Maybe it’s easy to have an idea of my feelings in that particular moments. And no, we did not celebrate any victory in the half time. In the second half, I remember we had a couple chances in the first 5 minutes and then happened what everyone knows well.

Q: After all you have done in European and International football would you ever consider playing in the MLS in North America? (Anthony Gleasure, Canada)
A: While many fans here in North America do not want the MLS to become a form of “retirement home” for European former stars there is a definite need to give younger players better role models
of which I cannot think of a better one than yourself. I consider the MLS world a very interesting thing. During my career I have always had good contacts with them. It could be a good opportunity in my future.

Q: “Champions for children”: Talk us about it. (Elena Dalle Fratte, Italy)
A: Since 2005 we work on very difficult projects and what we do needs help every day. Through the web site , everyone can have a better idea about it. We continuously need help.

Q: Just a strange question form a supporter in Indonesia: what is the secret of your super hard kick ? (Tidy Kuncoro, Indonesia)
A: It’s a matter of training and lots of work with the ball. To be honest you need of talent too…

Q: Eever thought of gracing the English premier league? (Dikaelo Mogotsi, Botswana)
A: What I know is what somebody told me. I have never played in the league there, but I guess is a very nice world…

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