Epl title race is heated up with more tale of surprise with season dark horse Leicester city cruised past favorite, man city. The win briefly belongs to city brilliant midfielder xerdan shakiri for his delightful assists in Leicester 2_0 win. The host controlled the attack and earned their first goal inside the 20th min. Shakir sparked on the right wing, beating kolarove challenge with agility before dribbling company with silky skills to send a cross which arnatovich smack it timely from third yard. Fantastic combination by two attackers. City was chasing midfield to get their passing right but dispossessed with liester turning a play for maccay to drive froward, holding the ball under pressure on the touchline& picking Shaqiri, the Swiss star hooks it with delicate touch to turn his marker& with a great vision sent in a deep pass for arnatovich behind defense& he finished it to lower near post. Lovely technique& accurate pass by Shaqiri again. Manchester switched to effective passing eventually, silva worked on the build up to link with Steeling to his wide, the winger coolly paused to play kolarove overlap on the left, but his angle shot save by kinwood at near post. The second half has seen few dangerous play as Liester managed to seal a crucial win to stay on top of the table with 32 points, three points above city now at third.

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