Premier League gameweek 9: Arsenal 0-0 Middlesborough, Bournemouth 0-0 Tottenham

There is not much to say about the two London clubs’ performance today and they were not able to break the deadlock. Arsenal and Tottenham were heavy favorite but could not convert their chances. On the other Liverpool beat West Brom 2-1 and is now tied for first place in the table with Arsenal before Man City fixture tomorrow. We have got what the coaches had to say briefly following the disappointing outcome:

Arsenal – the streak ends as discussed by coach Wenger:

“We had 75 per cent possession but we didn’t have our usual pace in the combination or enough sharpness in our movement. In the first 20 minutes we were quite satisfied, after Middlesbrough came back in the game and were dangerous on the break. In the end, we couldn’t win it. At least we were intelligent enough not to lose it. We paid a little price for the Champions League on Wednesday night and usually when you play at home you still would like to manage to win but we couldn’t. We could’ve lost the game as well in the first half, but that’s the modern game you know. If you don’t score early, if you’re not sharp enough, if you’re not creative enough. We lacked a bit of creativity today and then you can have a draw or even lose the game.”

Tottenham coach Pochettino is pleased with the effort:

“It was tough for us at the start of the game because they pushed us a lot, but we conceded only one chance and Hugo was fantastic again. After 15, 20 minutes we handled the game and in the second half, we were much, much better.

I’m pleased with the effort because after three games (in a week) it was difficult, mentally and physically, but the team showed again they are tough and there are lots of positives to take. Our defensive record is very good but with the way we defend and don’t concede chances or goals, it’s important to score and to win. I’m disappointed because we created chances and had possibilities to score.”

Liverpool coach Klopp is happy with the win:

“We have 20 points. It was not possible that we get more tonight so that’s OK. For me, it is really difficult to be kind of satisfied or something with football games, but a 2-1 keeps you more awake than a 4-0, that’s how it is. In this moment we are maybe not experienced enough in a situation like this to feel that it could be easy or whatever. But it’s not easy, it’s so difficult, all these teams, all these games, it’s unbelievable. You need luck, you need all the players fit and all that stuff.

I have absolutely no problem with the goal we conceded tonight, in general I would like that nobody could score against us, but the first thing we have to do is not let them create chances – that’s in the moment difficult against us because we defend as a team quite good. Set-pieces, we have already improved and we will work on it.

Until now, I haven’t seen a weak team in the Premier League so that means we have to work for it. Other teams have had problems and we will have problems, but our job is to find solutions.”

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