Carlos Dunga: Eyes on Nilmar and Lucas!

FIFA World Champions 1994, he was the one lifting up the cup as captain and he has been the coach of Brazil in South Africa. Carlos Dunga, now belongs to the legends of the Golden Foot 2010.  He tells us about football through . His career is absolutely remarkable and now got another great award: The Golden Foot at the career 2010! Brazil, Italy, World Champion Spain, FIFA World Cup 2014 (to host in Brazil) and stories from the field are the topics of the exclusive chat we had with Dunga. And finally, the Brazilian legends suggests us a couple of young champions…

July 04, 2010 - Porto Alegre, Brazil - epa02236760 Brazilian head coach Carlos Dunga speaks to reporters as he arrives to Salgado Filho airport in Porto Alegre, Brazil, 04 July 2010. Dunga, coming from Johannesburg, South Africa, has been criticized by the press after the Holland defeated the Brazilian team during the round of 16 of the FIFA South Africa 2010 World Cup.

Carlos what do you feel in being a Golden Foot legend?

It’ a very nice thing. I feel like I am part of the history of football. More or less it’s the way I see the Golden Foot. I figure it like an open air museum of football. A kind of interactive museum people can live through the champions of the past and of course of this time. Being awarded with Golden Foot makes you sure you have done something important in football. It makes you together with players you supported in the past. It’s a real party for supporters and football lovers.

A party like the one Brazil made in the USA FIFA World Cup 1994?

Yes. It’s been something amazing. I’m the first Brazil captain who lifted up the World Cup after Pelé and the great Brazil 1970. The Final in the USA was incredible. It was so difficult because of the temperature. Hot and tense. The whole world was watching us. We were exhausted and conscious to be strong enough to win. We had to take the cup back home after so many years. Trust me, to get the ball on the penalty spot during such a huge match (the World Cup Final) needs a lot of courage. Probably it’s not for all.

You mentioned the history of football. Could you tell us who is the best player ever?

Well, to be honest it’s a very difficult stuff to say who is the best ever. Different times and different ways to play don’t allow any comparison between one and another. That’s why I mention Just Fontaine, Pelé, Maradona, and back to our time I say Ronaldo and Zidane.

You lived so many matches in your lifetime. Any legendary game you played or just attended?

I remember a never ending Brazil – Danmark (FIFA World Cup – 1998, 3-2 Brazil). I played that match! It was a real battle. They did not want to lose it and were over every ball. We finally won but was not easy at all. Italy – Germany 4-3, Mexico 1970 – the World Cup Semi-final is something I can’t forget. What a match! Rivera and Beckenbauer were there fighting till the end of the extra time. And now they are here with me on the Champions Promenade!

You mentioned real champions. Who is the best player now?

I don’t know. I can’t tell you right now. It’s take time. A period has to finish. I mean a man who is in every great win, FIFA World Cup included…

Let’s back to the last World Cup in South Africa. Is Spain the right winner?

Everything was different down there. It was winter, high on the sea level and the balls were terrible. But it was the same for all the teams. The winner is always the best team. The field says that and we have to accept the fact. Spain is the best team after the World Cup. Let’s think about the next competition!

Italy was the World Cup holder.

They suffered the lack of new players. When you come from an unforgettable result to make it again becomes very very hard. The structure of the team has to be completely renewed as well as the stadia. In Italy as well as in Brazil

The FIFA World Cup 2014 and the Olympics 2016 represent the right chance to renew the country?

Exactly! President Luna made huge efforts. We needed it and we will be ready to make the right change in the system of our country.

Another star on the jersey for Brazil? It’s gone to happen in the near future?

We expect to improve on the field as a team and from the management point of view, since we host the event. Taking apart our traditional opponents, I think we should look at Mexico and Japan. They got very nice young talents.

Talking about young players, do you suggest any champions fort the future?

I say Nilmar and Lucas, but they are not the only two…

Salvatore Siviero per Golden Foot

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