MLS Montreal Impact forward Didier Drogba is in London to “relax”

“I belong to the Montreal Impact. To stay in shape, why not? To play, I’m really not too hot on that idea. I need to rest well and to be ready for this league.

You’ve understood that I’m someone that likes to set objectives and, most of all, I don’t like to disappoint. Coming here, I knew this would be a heck of a challenge. After winning the title in England, there were expectations. But people said that, at [37 years old], it was over already. As you can imagine, with what little honors I’ve won, I have no desire to look ridiculous on the football field.

As I said when I got here, I came here to win – not necessarily winning MLS [Cup], but seeing the kinds of emotions we saw in the last games. That is a win for the club, for the city. I’m happy with my season – my four months – despite my age. Coming here, I knew I was able to bring something more to the club.

Comparing leagues is difficult. Here, there’s a distance. The traveling means that teams are pretty much of the same level. For MLS to get to the level of the English, Spanish or even Turkish league, there’s stuff to do. They’re on the right path, it’s fine, but there’s stuff to do, still.”

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