The MLS is heading towards one of the most successful seasons in its history. Attendances are soaring and with the likes of Kaka, Lampard, Gerrard, and Pirlo in the league it’s no real surprise. But it does beg the question, who will we see next.


Naturally it’s generally ageing superstars who make the transfer, but would it be a surprise to see Ronaldo or Messi in the league in a few years’ time? The MLS is doing all it can to make the league more appealing, and with their love of fantasy football too, we think we might have something for everyone in the Major League Soccer office to enjoy.

With their love of mega stars and fantasy, Game Face is right up their street, combining eight of the world’s greatest players, including New York City’s very own Andrea Pirlo, to create the ultimate player.

So if you’d love to see a player with the vision of Pirlo, the power of Ronaldo, and the lush, long hair of Gareth Bale, then you can click through the features to see exactly how they would look.

The fun face generator from Coral allows you to share your creations via social media, producing a player which would catapult the MLS into the mainstream if it were to come true. But whilst we may not get a Roo-uer-ero in the league, we could well eventually see both Rooney and Aguero if it keeps going from strength to strength.


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