English premier League – Manchester United 3-1 Leicester

Coach Van Gaal expresses his satisfaction:

“I’m always happy when we win and when we win with three goals. Two goals’ difference so I’m very pleased. We lost the away match and we have taken revenge of that. 

“We have dominated the game, especially in the first half. In the second half, I wanted to kill the game but I have to admit my players did kill the game too much! They played backwards too much. I think you have to wait for the moment you can play forwards and then play it forwards. Nevertheless, we could have scored two goals more and they scored out of nothing.”

“Sometimes but not in every attack. That is also not possible, though, because you have seen our opponent has defended with two rows of four and also one of the strikers dropping into his own half. Then it’s very difficult to continue with high-speed attacks so you have to be patient. Today, we were patient enough in the first half and I think we scored three fantastic goals. I’m happy as we have a great result.”