Spanish Liga – Real Madrid 4-1 Real Sociedad

Coach Ancelotti reacts:

“Our pressing wasn’t so good, our defensive positioning wasn’t good in the first half. We try to defend with two banks of four and open up more when we attack.”

“In the first half, as has happened in other games, we didn’t start well and we conceded a goal. The same happened at Córdoba and against Atlético in the Copa. We have to improve that. Then we defended well and we pressed up front. We played very well in the second half. We sorted it out and the match improved.”

“Benzema put in a fantastic performance. The goal he scored was top quality. He has a fantastic strike, but we also have to appreciate the way he helps the team’s play. He isn’t just a striker who plays in the box, he is very good in every area and has a lot of quality. We had a lot of chances and shots on goal.”