English Premier League: Manchester City 3-0 West Bromwich Albion

Coach Pellegrini hails the performance and response after Barcelona loss

“We have lost the last two games in different competitions, so it was important to return to victory.

“He [the referee] made a mistake about the player, but I think the rule is very clear. Unfortunately for West Bromwich Albion they had to play 88 minutes with one player less. But it is not always the case that you play well with one more player.

“We were very concentrated in defending because Tony Pulis teams defend very well and it is not difficult for them to make important counter attacks when they have very fast players. We didn’t allow them to have any chances except from one corner and we continued until the end trying to score more goals.”

“We have to play eight games more, we can win the eight games and if Chelsea don’t drop points we cannot win the title. So the important thing is not to think about other teams, to think about our team, improve and win the next game which is Crystal Palace.

“I don’t think that our fans don’t believe we can do it, the important thing is to demonstrate playing the way we did today that we will try to win.”

“I may see Manchester United against Liverpool because we have to play United in another two games. I repeat, I am not thinking about Chelsea.”

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