English Premier League – January 1st, 2015

Tottenham Hotspur 5-3 Chelsea FC

‘I can go in two directions. I can go in a direction saying we made some defensive mistakes, we had some individual problems in our defensive structure and that, plus bad luck with every rebound and deflected shot, meant we conceded five goals which is something out of context.

‘When you concede five goals it’s difficult to get a positive result, but in spite of that we scored three and we had chances and lots of initiative to try to score more.

‘I can go in another direction and say what we all know, which is with the result at 1-0 one clear action could make it 2-0 and normally would mean the result is completely different.

‘We don’t need clarification when we have no doubts. When the situation is not clear the discussion is good because everyone can have a different opinion, but against Southampton there was no discussion and again today there was no discussion.

‘At the end of the day we are speaking about two matches – six points – and we’ve had one point out of six when two crucial decisions would give us six points. What matters are the points. In five days we had two incredible decisions that punished us in a very hard way. It’s difficult to accept.

‘The only thing we can do is to work and play well which we are doing all the time, and today we did again. We made defensive mistakes but when we had the ball we were always dangerous, we created and we had initiative.

‘We are going to do exactly what we have been doing until now knowing clearly that in 20 league matches the most offensive team and the team with more creative players in attacking areas have had two penalties in 20 matches.’


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