Capital One Cup Final: Chelsea FC 2-0 Tottenham Hotspur

Jose Mourinho comments on the victory at Wembley:

‘First of all I want to say that in the middle of my happiness is space to think about Mauricio Pochettino, his staff and Tottenham as a team and a club. I met him in Spain many years ago as a player and then when he was a young manager when I was at Real Madrid. He came to England, proved himself, nobody game him anything for free.

‘He did fantastic work at Southampton, came to a big club like Tottenham and is building a fantastic team. They gave us a hard final, they made us be humble and think about the game strategically.

‘The second thing I want to say is that now I don’t think about John Terry, Azpilicueta or Diego Costa. I think about Courtois, because without him there would have been no final, we would have lost against Liverpool. I think about Matic, Filipe Luis and Oscar, the guys who didn’t have a chance to play. I think about Schwarzer, Salah, Schurrle, all the guys that started the season with us, they are all winners.’

We played to win, they were the team they are and we were strategic. We were comfortable and found a solution to keep the stability after Matic’s suspension. I’m very happy because a team that isn’t very mature, a team with lots of young players, adapted very well. We changed the position of the triangle in midfield, the game we played was one of a very mature team, which we are not, so I’m very happy.’

I know I have a team to build, which is what we are doing but it’s difficult for me to live without winning things even if we are doing the work to be stable for many years. It’s important for me, the boys and for the club it’s another cup.