Premier League week 36

Just three days after the large defeat in Barcelona 3-0, Liverpool bounced back in the League. The Reds can still dream of the title with 2 points ahead of Manchester City but one more game played. 

The Reds grabbed an essential win 3-2 at Newcastle thanks to a late goal from Origi but lost their best player in Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian international suffered a head injury and is questionable to play against Barcelona for the return leg. 

Liverpool have 94 points and could reach 100 points total but not be champions should Man City win all their last remaining games, they would have 101 points! What an amazing season by both clubs.

Coach Klopp comments on the win

Of course, playing three days ago it was most intense, running-wise we had the highest number of kilometers in Barcelona and then three days later we come to Newcastle and this is obviously not a friendly game tonight.

Our goals were wonderful. The first goal, Pete Krawietz and Greg and James, our analysts, what they do around set-pieces is unbelievable. It is really nice to see. Having Virgil van Dijk completely free in the box is pretty rare, it was a wonderful routine. We scored a second one, nice cross again from Trent and Mo is there. But then they scored their goal and then it is not too long to go anymore, we have to sub Mo, not cool. We have fresh players on the bench, try to have an impact – and they had [an impact]. It was a wonderful free-kick from Shaq and sensational header from Divock and we win the game. We are now qualified for the league final, which is brilliant.

The boys showed in each second they really wanted to win it. We knew what we had to do and the boys did it in a very difficult game. Credit to Newcastle, that was, wow… any people who doubt or whatever that teams don’t play for anything anymore, or maybe a halfway on the beach already, they were really the opposite. Is there any history between Newcastle and Liverpool that I don’t know about? The atmosphere was like there was something that happened in the past. The boys, again, were ready to face it, ready to deal with it and that’s brilliant.