Bundesliga week 32

With the Premier League, Bundesliga is the only other major championships where the winner has not been decided yet. Although it is mathematically not guaranteed Bayern Munich have 99.9% chance to be crowed now holding a 5-point lead over Borussia Dortmund and only two more games to be played.

On matchday 32, Bayern did the job and beat Hannover 3-1 but Dortmund conceded a draw 2-2 at Werder Bremen whereas they were leading 2-0 with 20 more minutes to play. 

Bayern Munich coach and players react to the soon to be the 28th Bundesliga title:

Coach Kovac said:“Hannover defended very well in the first 20 minutes. We dominated possession but struggled to create good chances. We had very good opportunities after the opener. We should have been four up at half-time, it would have been calm then. Hannover pulled one back, we were in possession after that, but they defended very well. Taken altogether it was a deserved victory. We did our homework, we’re five points clear now, and we’ll see what how many will be left tonight.”

Arjen Robben“I’m very grateful. It’s the only word that comes to mind: gratitude. I did everything for this, I trained and fought to return to the pitch. When we made it two I thought, it’s going to be nice, a nice afternoon, I’ll get some minutes out on the pitch. Unfortunately it was only for five minutes.”

The Dutch great reach a milestone today playing in his 700th competitive appearance as a pro, scoring 245 goals along the way. This a pretty impressive record for one of the best players in Bayern’s history