Liga BBVA: Real Madrid 1-1 Villarreal

Coach Ancelotti reacts:

In the first 45 minutes, the tempo was too low. We hardly had any chances, only via crosses because the ball circulation was too slow. In the second half, the tempo changed but we weren’t clinical up front, although we did have chances.”

“After this draw we’re not satisfied, obviously, because it’s the first time we’ve drawn. It wasn’t impotence, because we created a lot of openings; we were unlucky, but we played a good second half.”

Improvement after the break
“Sometimes the things that happen on the pitch can’t be explained. In the first half we were too slow, but it was completely different in the second. It wasn’t a case of being anxious. We had a lot of chances and Asenjo made good saves. We were unlucky in our finishing. We had 24 shots and only seven on target.”

Madrid’s opponents
“As I said yesterday, Villarreal are very well organised, have a clear plan and always play a quality game. They have a great identity on the pitch and are really well organised.”

Physical condition
“If it were a physical issue, the dip would be in the second half, not in the first. We had difficulties with the tempo and in finding an attacking solution other than a cross. The tempo and the ball circulation were slower.”

Title race
“The team is improving. We’ve dropped two points, but La Liga will be decided in the final match. We have to focus on the two-point lead we’ve got, which isn’t much, but is a lead we must make the most of. Now we have to carry on and in the next game, which will be difficult, try to produce a good reaction.”

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