Another derby, another win

After winning at Tottenham last week, Frank Lampard’ mens repeated at Arsenal 2-1 to claim the derby. With the win at Arsenal, Chelsea pushes back Manchester United for the 4th place race. 

Frank Lampard comments on the win:

We were not good enough in the first 20 to 30 minutes. Give credit to Arsenal, they dominated us in places like midfield which is key in football.

Give credit to the manager as well, he made a change and the players bounced off that and in the second half it was a performance everyone wants to see.

We were outnumbered in midfield so we needed to change and the change helped us a lot.

‘The response in the second half was everything I wanted. We have been rightly questioned recently. Everton away would be a good one, a team that had life breathed into them by a new manager and we didn’t react and it was quiet after that game in the dressing room and I did not like that, and some of our home games recently were lacking something.

Our team never stops fighting. We were told at half-time to not stop fighting and to go out there and believe in ourselves and that is what we did in the second half.

This is not a turning point, it is only a turning point if we show it going forward, but we showed we can have a right go and win a game in a different way. At Tottenham we won it by playing really good football from beginning to end and today we won it by showing fighting spirit. If we can put them together then we will have a chance.

We know our away form is good. It is just about us fixing our form at home. This gives us confidence, beating two of the big sides in two weekends.’


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