Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea

The Gunners fans at the stadium witness another miserable display from their team, especially as the game came to an end.

Once again Arsenal conceded at the end of the game enabling Chelsea to complete the comeback win [Jorginho 83′, Abraham 87′]. Arsenal sit at an alarming 12th place in the Premier League with just 24 points and 5 wins over their first 20 games. 

Management brought former player and Man City’s assistant Mikel Arteta who is still looking for his first win as the new head coach. He comments on the club’s struggle:

I’m really disappointed with the result and the way we conceded the goals, and the timing of them as well. I’m pleased with a lot of things that I’ve seen. I’m pleased with a lot of things we worked on in training that actually happened in the game, and how they bought into this. But I’m disappointed to lose the game obviously. We had to sustain that level for longer periods against a very, very physical team like Chelsea. We have to move on.

 think we had the structure really well, we had more numbers than the opponent and were completely in control. I think it’s a five against three situation. It’s the structure where we need to control those sorts of situations. Then we just stepped back. They are really good in transitions.


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