Champions League day 5: Maccabi Tel Aviv 0-4 Chelsea

Champions League tips at were proved right as Chelsea pulled off a comfortable performance and here Jose Mourinho reacts after the game:

‘The result is too nice to us, Maccabi did not deserve a 4-0 defeat. They competed well in the second half with 10 men and resisted for a long time. They had a shot for goal when Begovic saved from Zahavi which was a great hand from our goalkeeper so the result was too much for them.

We played very well in the first half but the pitch didn’t help. Only that stopped us playing better and cost us more goals. It was difficult to finish some of the actions which were beautiful. The second half for the first 15 to 20 minutes we slept, we were over confident and were waiting for the second goal to come. Only when we felt we were in danger did we have a good reaction.

‘There are no doubts about the victory and the three points but Maccabi deserved something more than they got.’

The last game will be decisive as Porto and Dynamo Kiev can also qualify: ‘For the group I need a calculator,’ said Mourinho. ‘I know if we win we finish first and I know if we lose we are going to the Europa League, and with a draw I know it is complicated. I just have to think that we need to win our match.’

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