FC Barcelona 6-1 AS Roma

FCB confirm their excellent offensive dynamic scoring 10 goals in two games and qualifying with the first place of the group  for the Champions League Round of 16. 

Players and coach Luis Enrique reacts:

Lionel Messi: “With Neymar and Suárez we get on really well. We know we have a responsibility but we also want to have a good time. I was really excited to have that feeling of coming back and playing again. I enjoyed watching the team, but playing is better.”

Luis Suarez: “We know that every player has to fulfil their expectations. We played a perfect game, very complete, and we didn’t leave any space in midfield. In the first half we put the game away. Neymar, Messi and I are here for the good of the team, for the good of Barça. We don’t think individually. The people were waiting for Messi to return and we’re all happy that he scored.”

Coach Luis Enrique:  “We take every game with the seriousness and necessity to know that in the most important stretch of the season it will be important to create this kind of pressure to get good results. When you see your players have fun out on the pitch, you’re happy.”

“Surely we can improve a lot of things. In a sport as complex as football, there’s always room for improvement. We’re at a good moment and we have to take maximum advantage. I see the fans enjoying the team. I see the players really wanting to participate and I see the faces of those who can’t participate and they really want to. These players are very smart and we know perfectly that we are in the first third [of the season] and the best part is still to come.”

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