Chelsea beat Liverpool and dream of top 4

Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool. Giroud delivered the Blues with the unique goal of this game and Chelsea can still take the top 4 spot away from Tottenham Hotspur.

The last Premier League fixture of the season will be exciting with Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea matchups for just two Champions League spots. 

Chelsea coach Conte comments on the important win

‘I think we must be pleased because the players played a really good game and usually when you have to play a must-win game it’s not easy. It’s normal to be a bit nervous, and today was a must-win game.

But not with a simple opponent, against Liverpool, who just reached the Champions League final. They are very dangerous with the three strikers and it’s impressive the way they attack and have combinations between them.

Today we must be pleased. I saw great desire and a great will to keep our Champions League hopes alive.

I think we played as a team and not with only one player against Salah. He’s a really important player but it’s not only Salah, Firmino is a great player and Mane as well. They have three top strikers.

They’ve scored 70 goals with these three players and reached the final of the Champions League. You can see great work from Jurgen, I think it’s right to give them a great compliment because they are a very good team.

‘ don’t know if this will be enough at the end of the season but we have to try, and now we have to prepare in the right way for another tough game against Huddersfield.

Today they drew against Manchester City, we want three points and I will probably make rotations because the players spent a lot of energy against Liverpool, but we must face the situation with great pride and we must show we are still alive.’

One month ago it was impossible to imagine we could arrive at the end and fight for a place in the Champions League, now there is the hope because we have been getting three points in every game and our opponents are dropping points. Our future is not in our hands but for sure we are putting pressure on the teams above us.’