New York Red Bulls trash New York FC 

The Hudson River derby is a very anticipated match between two team in good form on top of the Eastern Conference standings.

The game played at the Red Bull Arena saw only one team performing as the Red Bulls took a commanding lead that resulted in an embarrassing loss for the visitors. 

NYCFC coach Viera is angry at the performance displayed:

“If I had the chance to change all the 10 players on the field, I was going to do it at halftime. I wasn’t really happy with every single player on the field. 

We have to be honest with ourselves and take responsibility for today. Look in the mirror and we know the truth. This was a [expletive] game from us and we deserve to lose.

We’ve got no excuses today. They are the better team and more aggressive. They put the pressure high on and we did the mistakes in the wrong part of the field. They punished us very hard. The performance today was not acceptable.”

NY Red Bulls coach Marsch on the win:

“What gives this team, I think, a high potential in terms of what we can become, and listen, my message to the team afterwards was great job, but we still have a long way to go to be the team that I think we can be, and there’s a lot of improvement out there, still,

We’ll keep working through things, but the eagerness of us to continue to improve is going to be really important. I try to take every opportunity that I can to talk about our club, because it’s very special.

What’s been created here is very special, and I think we are at the forefront of player development in this country. We invest in players. It’s what we do here and it’s who we are, and it requires everyone to believe in it and everyone here does. 

This is our identity. This is what we do. This is what we’re about and we do it well. We do it really well. It’s a proud moment for the club when you can see those guys that are growing up before your eyes and taking on bigger and bigger roles”.