English Premier League – Chelsea 2-0 West Bromwich Albion

 Coach Mourinho speaks as Chelsea preserves 100 % home stand win only victories at Stamford Bridge

‘The first half was brilliant, beautiful,’ he said. ‘The quality of our football was high, another dimension. We were playing so well, so fast and fluid. We made the pitch wide, creating spaces to play. We scored two goals and should have scored more than that, it was fantastic.

‘In the second half it was different; we decreased the intensity of our ball circulation and made it easier for them to occupy the spaces. I also have to say they did very well, they made the decision to be very well organised defensively, compact with two lines, leaving one player up, and they got a result which I think gives them stability and confidence.’

He explained why there was a drop in intensity in the second half
Sometimes I have to realise there are reasons for things; national team matches, players who had to play two matches in a row coming back, travel, we didn’t train properly, the players knowing they have to play in Germany on Tuesday so the intensity went down.

‘They knew the points were not at risk. The objective was to get the three points. Many times I’m upset but not today.

‘You have to think first about the points and we did that very well. If you ask me would I have liked to kill the game in the first half, 3-0 or 4-0, yes I would. I would have liked to score more goals in the second half and give the crowd more of what we did in the first half, but it wasn’t possible.

‘They did really well, you could feel it from the beginning. I can stimulate and motivate but the reality is it’s up to them and they were fantastic.’



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