Chelsea 2-0 Fulham

Coach Mourinho reacts:

‘When we played a very good game against Everton and lost, the way we played was not important,’ he said. ‘What we produced was not important. The important thing was we lost the game and lost three points. If you want to be pragmatic, we analyse the same way and the most important thing is the result.

‘It means that today we are top, tomorrow probably we are not top. The important thing is to be there, where is man u, where is arsenal, where is Tottenham. Some of them started the Premier League in a brilliant way, we started in a very bad way, and we are there, that’s good for us. I read it was a disaster.

‘I think it wasn’t good but the defeats are not defeats with a conclusion. If you lose a match, you don’t lose the Premier League. This is why people prefer to watch the Premier League, anything can happen. All the teams lost, every one of us lost a game and it looks like for the others to lose is a normal thing, and for us it’s the end of the world. But that’s fine.

‘We have to work on other things tomorrow, to work the team that is going to play, those I give days off have to enjoy their holiday, and try to win against Swindon. Now we have a period of four consecutive matches away. He beginning of the season is quite hard for us, we play Swindon, Tottenham, Norwich and Steaua away, so we have to prepare the best we can and everybody is going to play.’

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