EPL: Sunderland 0-0 Chelsea

Coach Mourinho post game:

“It was a difficult match. We played a team that was preparing for this match for one week. They had a clear strategy.

‘Many people like to criticise defensive teams and I don’t do that. To be a good defensive team you need to do it well. We always tried to move the ball and get spaces but they defended very, very well – with a low block, nine guys behind the ball, with the wingers playing as full-backs. I praise them for their success with the clean sheet.

‘We are not happy with the point but we have to be mature and experienced enough to know in this league every match is difficult. I repeat they were playing for a clean sheet and they were successful.

‘I have no negative words for my players because they tried everything and they weren’t successful. At the end of the day one point for a team that tried and one point for a team that was successful I think is fair.’

‘I don’t forget many times we play against teams that have the chance to prepare for a week. The Sunderland guys were watching our game against Schalke at their homes and they went to bed at 11pm. We played 90 minutes against Schalke and we arrived home at 5am. I don’t forget this. I praise my guys. They are doing fantastically well.’