PSG 1-0 Nice

Quotes after the game

Laurent Blanc (Paris Saint-Germain coach):
“The first half was very good. The only regret to have was that we didn’t score that second goal that would have made the second half a little more comfortable. Nice realised that could have a chance at equalising and we started making a lot of mistakes, particularly in midfield. Against Lyon and Monaco, here at the Parc, we had this type of match, without being able hold onto the win. Today we did, so it’s very positive. We earned three very important points this evening.”

Thiago Silva (Paris Saint-Germain defender):
“We had a good first half, but I think we can still do better. After the break we weren’t as good. Perhaps it’s the fatigue of playing every three days, and playing a team that had all week to prepare for this game. But these three points are great. Now we turn our attentions to Wednesday’s game against Lille.”

David Luiz (Paris Saint-Germain defender):
“The match was more difficult in the second half. It’s normal because we didn’t kill of the game earlier. With Thiago Silva we did our job in the middle of the defence and didn’t concede a goal. That’s nine wins in a row, we need to keep going in this way. The team is improving, I can feel it and we need to maintain this rhythm and chase Marseille.”