Chelsea 2-2 Tottenham

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Chelsea 69 pts
Arsenal 67 pts
Tottenham 66 pts

Benitez reaction:

‘We had the chances on counter-attack to score the third goal and finish the game,’ he said. ‘We scored the first one and then we gave them the opportunity to counter, got the second and after it was the same, three or four opportunities to kill the game, we didn’t do it and then they were pushing.

‘For the second goal, Adebayor was offside but we had to defend a bit better. It was a good game, good for the fans but not for us because we were in control and we didn’t win.

‘We didn’t have the legs, we had some players tired and we had a problem with the full-backs going forward so we had to control them but in the middle also they had too many bodies, people that could hold the ball.

‘It was not easy, but when you have this situation you have space behind to play the counter-attacks that we had, so that was the key and if they push and push it is fine but we had to kill the game.

‘We had one or two corners where they counter-attacked. It was problem for us [because] they are quite good with this transition because they have some pace too.’

We now travel to Aston Villa on Saturday knowing a win will effectively secure Champions League football next season. Benitez will have some important decisions to make on his selection after seeing his side tire in the last half-hour on Wednesday night.

‘We are managing the squad quite well but the tempo was too high so we needed to work hard and we were working hard in the first half but if we can manage with different players we will be fine,’ said the Spaniard.

‘We have to think about winning the next game and being ready for the final. We have to manage players, manage the squad and find the balance.’

AVB reacts:

“The players showed great determination once again,” said Andre.”The example of that determination was when we scored for 2-2, picking the ball up out of the net and coming back to try and win.

“It was difficult conditions for us in the second half because of Chelsea’s counter-attacks. We had to do everything we could to get to 2-2 and I’m so pleased we managed to salvage a point.”