Arsene Wenger on Cazorla:

“He is right footed but when you watch him play you don’t know. It shows how important that is in the modern midfield,” said Wenger.

“Right or left foot was always important, but we forget about it sometimes. Glenn Hoddle was like that – left-footed, right-footed, you could not say what he was.

“Cazorla is similar on that front. I don’t remember anyone else I have worked with who was as two-footed.”

Comparisons have been made between Cazorla and ex-Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas, but Wenger says such links are premature.

“It is too early to say,” he said. “Cesc played for five years in the Premier League.

“The early signs [with Cazorla] show how good Spain are because you see these kind of players and they don’t play regularly for Spain.”