Ex Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has stated that he was sure that the club wanted to end his services after only serving one season. The seasoned head coach was able to win the Champions League in 2014. He says that if it had not been for that win, he would have lost his job.

Since leaving Real Madrid the Italian is on a sabbatical and taking a break from the game. He however has been in talks with various EPL clubs about a possible return and recently, he was linked with the vacant manager’s job at Liverpool FC. He was a heavily backed favourite for the role with many people looking for free bet offers to put on him becoming the manager. The job has now been filled by German Jurgen Klopp, who himself was on a sabbatical.

During his time at Madrid, Ancelotti was tasked with bringing together the team after a rocky period under Jose Mourinho. He did this successfully and introduced a rapid counter attacking style that took him to Champions League glory. The new expensive attacking players were integrated well in his first season. Under his management they played attractive football and the team morale was at its best it has been in recent years. Overall, his time is considered a success, which is why top teams are trying to tempt him to come out of his break and manage them.

Highlights in the Spanish League were a nine goal victory against Granada and in the Champions League putting five past a top Schalke side. These results could not keep him in his job. It was obvious that Real wanted rid of him and lots of people put free bets on this.

When you manage one of the world’s best teams in Real Madrid, the least you are expected to make is winning the title or a major cup. What made matters worse for Ancelotti was the huge investment made in the team for the start of his second season in charge. It lead to higher than normal expectations and with the team not winning a significant trophy, his time was up.

Managing Real Madrid is one of the hardest and most pressurize jobs in the world. With so many people putting free bets on the games they play, it adds to the intense scrutiny that the manager is under. With all world’s most expensive players, comes huge egos to appease. On this front Ancelotti managed well and the team were all behind him. Many Real fans did not like that he never talked in detail about his feelings on team events. During his term, Gareth Bale was signed for a world record fee and he did not make his feelings known about this. Angel Di Maria, Xabi Alonso and Alvaro Morata were all sold. These players were the heartbeat of the team and again there were no comments made about this.

With new signing not part of his job, he had to put together a team with the players acquired for the team. It is going to be the same for any new manager who takes on the role as Perez is the man who makes all the big money decisions on who to buy.

It is obvious that Carlo Ancelotti still has a lot to give the game. Whenever there is a top manager’s place available, people will always look for free betting offers to put on him. Wherever he goes to next, it is certain that he will have a positive impact on the team.