“We have to celebrate this championship. We have to continue working after tomorrow because next season will also be tough and we have games to play still in this campaign. This team deserves even more emotion and affection, and I expect the Bernabeu to give it to them in our match against Mallorca.”

“A 107 goal record is one of those details you focus on more when you win a title that belongs to all.”

“The fans, who suffer with this team, have given us their undying support. I want to congratulate all of them, especially our families, who suffer most of all. You can be a great fan of a club or one of the professionals that work in it, but our families suffer for us and for the club in the hardest moments. They’re there for us every day and experience our emotions throughout a very long season. My wife and children have given me all the support I need to be in top form.”

“I won the league title in Portugal, Italy and England, but this one has been the toughest. I’ve won seven league titles overall and I know what it feels like. Barcelona won all their games, as befits the great team that they are. They’ve been winning to the very last day. They are a club with great tradition that knows we deserved to win this title.”


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