2019 Copa America Brazil 

Brazil and Argentina are the showdown millions of fans expect to see in this Copa America. While the tournament bracket was favoring this matchup in the Final [with each team wining the group], fans in the world will have a chance to see two powerhouses of the game battle for July 7th, Copa America Final at the Maracaña stadium.

Pale Quarterfinals

Two goals were scored at the quarterfinal stage [Argentina 2-0 Venezuela] as all the other results ended up in a dull and disappointing 0-0 [Brazil-Paraguay, Chile-Colombia, Uruguay-Peru]. Results at this stage were unexpected, especially when taking into account the amount of talented players on the pitches. Besides, it showed the level of the Copa America has been somewhat below expectations. No teams have really impressed that is still in place at the semifinals. Only Brazil score five goals on Peru and Uruguay scored four goals on Japan at the group stage.

The host country, Brazil, overcame Paraguay at the quarterfinal stage and Uruguay was sent home losing to penalties shootouts against Peru. 

Brazil as favorites

Brazil versus Argentina is set at Estadio Minearão in Belo Horizonte. This is the city of the famous 7-1 defeat to Germany in the 2014 FIFA World Cup semifinals. A game that still haunt Brazilian fans. Brazil have odds in their favor but Argentina come with nothing to lose. The head-to-head is pretty even in 110 matches in between the two nations.

Brazil won 45 times and Argentina 39 times and a total of 26 draws. Argentina are the best team in Copa America’s history lifting the trophy for a record 14 times. Lionel Messi will try to sublime himself for another chance at a major International trophy.