Copa America: Brazil 0-1 Peru

Brazil has been eliminated form the Copa America after a loss to Peru 1-0. The Peruvian goal was scored with a flagrant hand ball but should have been reverted. Copa America organizers have displayed in many occasions blatant mistakes, unacceptable at this level – wrong anthems, flags and spelling . Now the referee validated a goal that should have never have been. Give credit to Peru to not concede a goal against Brazil but honestly this game should have ended on a 0-0…

Members of Peru's national team (in red) celebrate after defeating Brazil in their Copa America Centenario football tournament match in Foxborough, Massachusetts, United States, on June 12, 2016.  / AFP PHOTO / Timothy A. CLARY

Anyway Brazil is now a weak team, scared and incapable of producing an attractive football. Neymar did not play because he is focusing on the Rio 2016 Olympics where Brazil will try to triumph at home, good luck with that!

Coach Dunga, who days are numbered, does not have an answer on why Brazil has become such a random team. He did justify his choices reacting to the elimination:

“In the first half we had good combination play, what was missing was to decide the game with the chances we created. We knew that Peru was going to play for a one-goal game, to try for a set play, a counter-attack, we tried to neutralize that. 

In a game that should have ended 0-0, one couldn’t understand why the assistant referee did not run towards the middle. One could not understand why they took four minutes to talk and did not reach an agreement…it was a clear hand ball, the assistant referee did not run towards the middle because he saw it. With all the technology, with all the camera angles, what causes me confusion is how we can make mistakes that are so clear, so evident. They consulted …what I cannot understand is that they were consulting, speaking with I don’t know who because I think they needed to speak among themselves, they didn’t need the communication via radio, microphone … What comes to mind is who was being consulted and in what way were they being consulted. It’s very strange.”

The President knows what we’re doing, how we’re working, we know about the demands, how we’re exposed to criticism, so when you work for the Brazilian national team you have to know that the criticism, when the results don’t come, tends to increase. But what’s important is that on the inside we know what we’re doing.”

Since when Brazil play the 0-o..? Needless to say more about this team, it has been two years of shame for Brazilians and the awful 7-1 loss to Germany in the semifinals of the World Cup 2014. Good bye Brazil, we might not see you back on top that early.

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