Bundesliga week 14: Bayern Munich 5-0 Wolfsburg

RB Leipzig lost its first game in the top German division 1-0 to Ingolstadt after 14 games. The loss sends the newly promoted to second place after Bayern Munich demolished Wolfsburg 5-0. 

Coach Ancelotti comment son the win and the return to the top of the table:

“Our performance was good. We were in control after the first goal. We sometimes had a little luck scoring the goals. The players feel at ease in this system, we can play both systems. I’m delighted for Thomas Müller. He always does a good job out on the pitch. The goal will help him, but I don’t judge his performances based solely on goals. He works hard for the team.”

Thomas Müller: “We’re top of the table again. That’ll make it a good Christmas party! We’ve played quite decent football in the last few matches. We want to build on it in the last two matches and celebrate Christmas as league leaders.”

Valérien Ismael (VfL Wolfsburg coach): “Congratulations to Bayern, it was a deserved victory. You need to be confident and buoyed by success when travelling to Munich. The course of the game says everything we need to know. But we were still looking for chances in the second half, creating some openings. Bayern clearly asserted their dominance. They’re not our benchmark.”

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