Bundesliga week 11: Borussia Dortmund 1-0 Bayern Munich

The two biggest German clubs battled in Dortmund and Borussia inflicted the first defeat for Bayern in Bundesliga. Only one team has not lost yet in the League and it is the RB Leipzig who won their sixth consecutive games, 3-2 at Leverkusen. What a performance for the newly promoted club!

Coaches comment:

Borussia Dortmund coach Thomas Tuchel:

“We are ecstatic. It was obvious just how much quality that Bayern have going forward. We were aware that there would be spells in which we could not dominate the match. But the demand we made of ourselves was to never drop off and to always keep up the intensity in those phases where it got tough.

The effort that the team put in to do that was outstanding. The first half was incredibly demanding. Then we had a reshuffle and put Mario Götze in defensive midfield. That did mean that we were pushed further back, but I felt it made us more compact and gave us more structure. Overall I felt we did this brilliantly.”

Bayern Munich coach Carlo Ancelotti: 

“We’re not happy about losing this tough match. Dortmund started well, then we found our way into the game. After 20 minutes we were better – against opponents who were still strong. I’m satisfied with the performance against strong opponents, but not with the result. We failed to deliver the final pass especially in the first half, it was never accurate enough. Otherwise we’d have had numerous opportunities. Dortmund only had few chances. We have to accept the 1-0 defeat.”

RB Leipzig coach Ralph Hasenhüttl:

It is, of course, an extraordinary situation when you win six victories in a row. Therefore, it is also understandable that the joy of the entire team continues and also has an effect. “I think we won the game against Leverkusen yesterday because of our mentality. Some points have made me extremely happy.

We came out with such a presence in the game and against such a strong opponent such strong performance. This mentality simply speaks for the whole team, even for those who are currently in the starting eleven or playing the game. This is the whole group. That makes me very happy and is certainly an important key to our team success!

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