Bundesliga week 28

This was the game of the day everyone in Germany but around the world was waiting for. Two European superpowers were facing in a decisive title clash. In the process Bayern Munich leapfrogged Borussia Dortmund in the trashing 5-0 of their rivals – similar to what they did last season…

With six games to play, the Bavarians have taken command of the league at the most crucial time. Many points are still needed and anything can happen but today was a message sent to Borussia: This title is not yours. 

Bayern‘s Polish striker, Robert Lewandowski reached a milestone bu scoring goals number 200 and 201 with the club against his former club…

Bayern coach, Kovac comments on the perfect evening:

“I think we turned in a top performance today, a great performance over 90 minutes. The first half in particular was sensationally good in every respect. The way we played was very impressive.

I’m glad, and I’d like to congratulate my team on it. The margin of victory was completely deserved. We still have six matches to go, and you saw how fast it can change in the league. Very, very difficult matches are awaiting both Dortmund and us, so we won’t say everything’s decided.”

GK and captain Manuel Neuer added

“It was a very good display. We’re all very glad. We played well in every position, up front, at the back, and most importantly we worked together. We were very dominant.

It was a good team display, and I’m very, very glad about it. It was the first big-point match we’ve won. We had to wait for it for a long time.”

For Borussia Dortmund’s coach, the defeat is very hard to digest:

“The 5-0 defeat is very, very hard to stomach but it was really deserved. You have to admit it was a lesson. We still had the first chance to score, that could have changed the match a bit. Bayern were dominant then, they were quicker, they were better. When you’re four down at half-time it’s very hard to bounce back.”