UEFA SuperCup: Real Madrid 2-4 Atlético Madrid in extra-time

Atlético Madrid won the first European trophy of the season thanks to a late comeback in the second half.

The UEFA Champions League champions do not seem as good as they were under coach Zidane and with Cristiano Ronaldo. It could be a long and difficult season for the running 3-time Champions league champion under new coach Lopetegui.

As for Atletico, the club added French World Champion Thomas Lemar from AS Monaco as well as a few other good players and present on paper one of the best teams in Europe. Is it a shift of power in Madrid? And, Atletico is becoming the best club now to compete with FC Barcelona after years of defeats against city rivals. As a reminder Real Madrid won many of the last meetings:

Champions League Final 2014: Real Madrid 4-1 Atletico Madrid
Champions League Final 2016: Real Madrid 1-1 (5-3 penalties) Atletico Madrid
And, Real Madrid eliminated Atletico in the semifinals round in 2017.

Finally Atletico Madrid wins and brings a great amount of joy to the club’s fans.

Coach Atletico, Simeone on the win:

I’m happy. Once again, we responded well in a European final. In the 2012 Super Cup, we beat Chelsea and now we beat an important rival.”

We started off strongly with the goal and then they were better until Benzema scored. After that, it was a tight match. The penalty took us out of the match a bit, but we knew we could cause danger.

I think Correa’s introduction was very good and Thomas gave a lot of strength to the team. We need to enjoy today because we we lose we suffer and get mad. But when we win, we need to enjoy it. Starting Thursday night, we’ll think about LaLiga because it’ll be a tough season.”

Coach Real Madrid, Lopetegui on the overtime loss:

“In a final like this, mistakes can make a key difference and Atlético are experts in taking advantage. They got a deserved win. When we levelled the scores, we were better, they tied it up in an unfortunate play.

We have to congratulate them and pick ourselves up, because LaLiga is starting and we need to rebuild quickly. I feel frustrated and sad, but I know that responsibility forces us to move on tomorrow.
We did not start off well and they went ahead in the first play. The team needed to turn the score around and we did it with some good play and getting up there, we did not kill the match off at 2-1 and they took advantage.

We started off playing pretty well in extra time but they won by scoring the most goals. Atlético deservedly won. 

Football is a case of right and wrong, in extra time the team did well, but the third goal really damaged us, we were able to win, but we lost that focus, we desperately wanted that equalizer and then they put in a fourth.”