The Los Angeles Galaxy dropped two points at home after taking the lead twice in this game.

All goals came in a very entertaining second half but ultimately the best result is for the Rapids in the bottom of the Western Conference standings.

Coach LA Galaxy Schmid

“We had the lead twice so we need to hold on the lead. We can talk tactics if we want, but when there’s one player forward and he’s playing against four defenders and he drops off and gets the ball in a pocket…I don’t know what the tactics are there.

Do we need six back there? The tactics are that someone has to get up his rear end. It’s just that final thing for us. It hasn’t clicked. I thought they were better than us tonight in the first half. In the second half we switched to a 4-4-2. I thought we got into the game a little bit better as a result of that and we got a couple of goals but so did they.”

Forward Zlatan Ibahimovic

“I think the last two, three games have been very irritating. We can win these games. If you look at the table, the fixtures…if we take all the points that we should have taken, we are probably first or second in the whole league. It’s very irritating because we make basic things look very difficult. This should not happen. These mistakes happen where my son is training, but there you learn basic things. We just have to work hard and keep going because I feel a big confusion on the field.”

“I think there’s many things. Being soft is one, yes. The ball goes out, you need to pressure. Basic thing. Second goal should not go in. Basic things. Be on your toes and be ready when the ball comes. Basic things we make look difficult and it cannot happen. Everybody talks about the playoffs…the way we play now we don’t even deserve playoffs, so that is how the situation is.”

Colorado Rapids Coach Hudson

“I’m obviously incredible pleased. I am just incredibly proud of the team. We’ve been working over the last five, six games and I think it was important when we came into this game tonight that we have to start backing ourselves and believing in what we’re doing. Showing confidence, and I think we did that tonight from start to finish I think we were the better team, we controlled the game. I’m pleased for the players because they needed that.”

“There’s a couple of things, we obviously played on Saturday, we needed some fresh legs in so that led to the changes. I don’t normally get asked a lot of questions after games about selection, which leaves people to sort of openly talk about certain players playing certain positions.

The bottom line for me is, always, and we’ve gone through a very tough period in the season, is that we are rebuilding the team. What’s important comes down to selection like tonight, that we get the right experience on the pitch, we get the players that I believe and trust that will be able to handle the occasion and help change the Colorado Rapids going away from home and the mentality.

The bottom line is we need as many big characters, strong characters, people that can go into a game and trust they are going to deliver a game plan.”