Liga BBVA – FC Barcelona 5-0 Levante

Coach Luis Enrique comments on the 11th win in a row and the momentum going to Champions League:

On the euphoric mood:

“The players are by no means over-euphoric at the moment. They know how hard it is to win titles”.

“But I love seeing that the fans are so euphoric. That’s a key factor and makes us feel more optimistic”.

“The number of wins in a row is not important. What matters is that they’ll help us to win titles”.

On the 5-0 win against Levante:

“We had a great second half. We weren’t quite as balanced in the first”.

“The win was a huge boost for our morale as a team and for the players”.

On squad depth:

“Having so many top quality players in the team means you can easily rotate players”

“It shows just how many resources we have. I’d say our resources are practically unlimited”.

On Pedro:

“It’s not that he never loses his form, it’s that he does so many things for us”.

“He has been, is, and will be important to us. I’d like to play him more often but I know that whenever we need him he’s ready to deliver”.

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