AS Roma outclass dormant FC Barcelona

AS Roma fans may have seen the most magical nights of their life when AS Roma overcame a 4-1 deficit to win 3-0 and qualify to the Champions League semifinals. FC Barcelona played their worst game of the season and conceded three goals for only the second time the all season. 

This inexplicable display also shows Valverde’s deficiencies following years of success under Guardiola and Luis Enrique. The Blaugrana coach will most likely be out of the club within a few weeks. For AS Roma they go the semifinals for the second time in club’s history. 

Current and future-ex Barcelona coach Valverde comments on the loss:

“We never felt comfortable in the game because Roma played very well. And we couldn’t get our own game going.They took risks and we couldn’t cope with all that deep pressing.

The first goal gave them strength and then they got a second and third in the second half. I feel sorry for the fans. It’s been a huge disappointment for them. But now we just have to focus on the competitions that we have left. We have to keep looking ahead.”

Iniesta added:

“It’ll be hard to pick ourselves up, but we have no choice. We have another game on Saturday and we have to do the very best we can in the two tournaments we have left.”

Finally the president Bartomeu had some worlds to share:

“Roma were the better side and they are deserved semi-finalists. Congratulations to Roma and now we have to analyse today’s game and think about the league and the Copa del Rey.

We were excited about getting to the semi-finals and we played really well in the first leg. Every season we look to win the Champions League so now we have to take a look at that. I want to thank all the fans who came to the stadium to support us, I am sorry for them.”

AS Roma coach Di Francesco enjoys the moment:

“I think it’s only right the lads should celebrate in the dressing room because we really did believe we could pull it off. I congratulated each and every one of them but I also told them that from tomorrow it’s all about the derby.

The good thing about this team is we always look forward, not backwards. We’ve achieved a massive result and we’ll enjoy it but we need to keep going and aim for more.

I’m the coach so I’ll take the praise just as I take the criticism but I want to look forward. Why shouldn’t we believe we can reach the final? That has to be our target. I don’t want to stop here.”