Arsenal peak form as season ends

Arsenal 3-2 Southampton. With a sixth place almost guaranteed in the League and a spot for the League Europa last 4 well in control, Arsenal are playing their best football now. 

Coach Wenger on the current good form:

“We want to continue to win our games. I wanted to rotate a little bit because we play so many games that I have no other way to do things. I wanted to pick a team that had a chance to win the game. On top of that, we were questioned. Southampton were leading, they came back to 2-2, and every time I believe we have shown great spirit, even if at the end of the game it was a bit hectic. I must say when you come to the Emirates, you see football and you see goals. That’s what you want to give to our fans.

We have an offensive team. That means as well the defenders are not always in the best possible conditions to defend, having to find a better balance in defending. I think recently we have done well and I believe on Thursday night, physically it was at a very, very high level and players like Bellerin and Mustafi had heavy legs today.

I’m very proud of that because I think we have been through a difficult patch, where the mentality of the team has been questioned and to recover from that you need solidarity, which is what they’ve shown. And as well today in the game when it was not all easy we again found the resources to win the game. I was always confident because I see this team behave every day and you can only be proud of their behavior.”