Arsenal v Chelsea - FA Cup Final

2020 FA Cup Final

Arsenal win the FA Cup for the 14th time in club’s history, thanks to a brace from forward Aubameyang. In the London derby, Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1. Chelsea got to a quick start in the game opening the score with Pulisic with just 5 minutes in. The Blues had the possession in the game but were unable to dominate Arsenal who came back in this game right before the half-hour mark. The score at the break would not move and the game was undecided at 1-1.

In the second half Aubameyang chipped the ball over Caballero and gave the Gunners the lead. Shortly after Kovacic saw red and left his teammates down to 10. Chelsea would push until in the end of the match, in vain. Arsenal save its season with the trophy and will play Europa League again next year. 

Reactions from coaches

Arsenal’s side Arteta:

“I knew the challenges I was facing the day that I decided to come here and the expectation is what we’re always going to have because the history and legacy of this football club is incredible. But here is the first one, let’s enjoy it today and we know that there is still a long way to go of improving on many other things, but it’s something that I’m very proud of with how we’ve changed a lot of things since we joined.

The players have been fantastic and the staff, thank you so much as well to the people upstairs who have given me the opportunity to represent and manage this incredible football club. Again, thank you so much to the people for their support and belief.”

On Aubameyang:

“Big games require big moments from big players, and he’s delivered that in the semi-final and he’s done it again in the final. That’s why you ask about those players. Some were questioning that he couldn’t do it in big games. There we go. He was a big, big part of delivering this trophy. He’s done it and we are so proud to have a player like him in your squad.”

Chelsea’s side Lampard:

“We started well for 10 or 15 minutes, scored a goal and created a few chances were in control of the game,’ the boss began. ‘But after that, we can only blame ourselves from that point in football terms.

We got complacent. We took too long on the ball, we started playing short passes like it was a stroll. An FA Cup final can never be a stroll. We allowed Arsenal back in the game and from that point onwards, it’s always going to be difficult. A lot of today was on us.

In the second half we came out brighter, if Christian goes through and scores as opposed to missing and doing his hamstring – well, the circumstances in the game conspired against us.

It’s been a busy period for us. The players have given everything. With 10 men the last 20 minutes was a really difficult challenge for them. We shouldn’t become too stuck on today.

We were slow, played back on ourselves and invited pressure. And we didn’t know where to go from that. We just didn’t perform well enough to win a final. Of course we are disappointed tonight, but over the season as a whole what we have managed to do, come where we did in the league, is a huge plus for us.”


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