Premier League: Arsenal 4-1 Crystal Palace

It has been a long start of the year for Arsenal fans, as they were looking to sign the first win in 2018. Ultimately Arsenal found a way to collect three points against a Crystal Palace team outrageously dominated, down 4-0 after only 22 minutes.

Then the Gunners controlled the tempo and stay in contact of the Champions League spots in top flight. There are many Arsenal supporters for football betting in Ireland and all hope for a great second half of the season. 

Besides the lack of performance for the club, Arsenal have made the news this month in the midst of numerous transfer rumors regarding Giroud, Alexis Sanchez and Ozil. 

Coach Arsene Wenger comments on the first win of the calendar year:

“I think we started well, we played well and played the kind of football we want to play and we know we can play when everybody is focused and in a good shape. Overall, we had a very convincing first half. The second half was of good quality and it’s always a bit human that you have not exactly the same drive in the second half. It was a convincing win.
Crystal Palace responded well in the second half. They gave us less room, they were aggressive and we had a bit less legs, a little bit less movement and we were less creative”.
The manager also talked about the transfers involving Alexis Sanchez and Giroud and it seems the transfer for Alexis to Manchester United is imminent: 

“I didn’t play him because there is the question of him moving to Manchester United. He could not drive up north and as well play football. That’s difficult. So that’s why I decided to leave him out.

I expect it to happen, maybe. But I cannot announce it. In the next 48 hours, it will be decided one way or another. With these kind of things, as long as it is not over the line, you cannot say that it will happen. The negotiations become more and more longer and edgy as well because every detail becomes public nowadays. I cannot say it will happen or not happen. If you want to have a bet… it could happen.” 

While for the Giroud-Aubameyeng swap, negotations are at a standstill with Borussia Dortmund and forward Aubameyeng as the manager briefly explains: 

“No. No comment on that. We are nowhere near anything with Dortmund. Nothing.”