DV7 Soccer Academy Lands in San Diego

David Villa, NYCFC ́s captain and international soccer star, comes to California to officially launch the DV7 Soccer Academy in the area, which comes to San Diego in alliance with The Futbol Factory, where there will be its headquarters and training facilities. The new academy comes backed by the international success of DV7 Soccer, with up to 8 academies all around the world and the Spanish training methodology as a reference.

“We are very happy and excited to be here with the people of San Diego and the soccer fans of the area. We know that California is a State where soccer is felt with passion. We want to make our tiny contribution with our DV7 Soccer project, committing to the development of soccer in this community. We are going to offer the best training quality in one of the best facilities in the city. I am convinced that we are going to develop great players and persons in this academy”, said David Villa.

David Villa is the center of attention at The Futbol Factory. The Spanish player took part in a training session with the players who are registered in DV7. Following his commitment with the project, the international soccer player visits the academies every year in order to spend time with the kids and to be an active part in their soccer education and evolution.

During the last months, DV7 Soccer Academy San Diego has been developing its activities under the coordination of Diego Gómez, methodology director of the academy. After several training sessions towards the end of 2017, the club now counts with a solid base of players and teams will be completed in the following weeks. Until the end of January, more try-outs will be done to select the final players who will begin the first official season of DV7 Soccer Academy in San Diego.