Premier League: Everton 0-2 Arsenal

Arsenal finally put together a good games after a series of poor performance. This win puts pressure on Tottenham Hotspur for the second place as it seems that Leicester will be hard to pass claiming another win 1-0 at Crystal Palace.

What a season for LCFC! Bookmakers such as 888sport never predicted such a success for the Foxes. The season they are having is incredible and it seems almost impossible for Tottenham or Arsenal to catch up on Leicester. The team had 300/1 chances to be in the top Four and now close to a title!

Coach Arsenal – Wenger reacts to the win:

On the first-half performance…
I believe we have a game based on movement and mobility at a technical level with attacking football. We have to balance that right and sometimes it is not always right. Let’s not forget that some players have been out for the whole season so players like Danny Welbeck are just coming back and has not played. Iwobi is just coming into the team. Mohamed Elneny [as well], we brought him in January and he has settled very quickly. They have given us a very good balance in the way we want to play football.

In England, it is very hard to give a fair assessment of the performance because when you lose, you are disastrous. We have not been as bad as people as said, but I agree that you either win or lose in sport. Let’s go on and push forward until the end of the season. We are today with our backs to the walls and we responded well. I’m pleased that we responded under pressure [after] the character of my players was questioned. If we didn’t win today, we knew that we were out of it [the title race] so it was a mental test for the side.

on if Arsenal losing would mean they are are out the title race…

on the title race…
I would not consider us out. Mathematically, we have a chance. We also have a game in hand at home. We are not flavour of the week, but if we don’t believe, no one will do it for us. Even if the environment is sceptical, we have to do our best in every single game. We have to be humble and fight in every game like we did today. Then we never know. We need some performances on our side, so let’s focus on that, but some good results from other sides, we cannot help that.

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