Manchester United is finalizing the transfer of French international and Euro 2016 runners-up, midfielder Paul Pogba for about $130 million! Pogba left Le Havre, France to polish his technique on the other side of the Channel sea where he spent three years. He made only 3 appearances with Manchester United’s first team and was then acquired by Juventus in 2012.

Pogba played 124 games with Juventus in the Italian Serie A and won four straight championships with the Old Lady. He also collected 38 caps with France and scored 6 goals. Now after 4 years away from Man United, the new coach Jose Mourinho made Paul Pogba his top priority for the club to comeback to its glorious past. The offer on the table is worth $130 million and sets a new record transfer fee in football.

The newly Manchester United appointed coach – Jose Mourinho comments on his arrival:

“He (Pogba) is a fantastic player. If everything goes well he’s a very important player but we have a great squad. We left today 7 players out of the group, and they are very good players that work so hard to be (very good), so we have the options, we have the players, we have the squad. I think we are getting the mentality and the most difficult thing is the principles of play that we are changing step by step but I saw today, especially the team as a defensive unit, very compact, an outstanding zonal game, not following man to man all over the place, not opening gaps, I think the team was very compact by the defensive point of view.”

“I think United is the perfect club to bring him to the level that he wants to be. The Premier League is the perfect habitat for that. If you want to be the best player in the world I think if you go to Barcelona, to Real Madrid you are in trouble because I don’t think the other big guys will let you into that level. Here he has the conditions – the most seen championship worldwide which is absolutely incredible, with a team that wants to bring Man United to the top again. So we have everything to give him and we know the reasons why he wanted to come to us. Money, he would get from many big clubs so that’s not the point. He comes because he knows the club, he knows the city, he knows many of the players, he wants to be an important part of the Man United project so hopefully everything goes well and he comes to our team.”

On his transfer fee:
“No, I don’t think Real Madrid was upset when they broke the record with Gareth Bale or when they broke the record with Cristiano [Ronaldo], I think that was a world record too. When other people break records, I don’t think it’s a reason to be sad. I think it’s a reason to be proud with the dimension of the club that can do that and can attract players of this dimension. If you ask if I think it is a lot of money, I think football is crazy, the market has become crazy. What you think this season is crazy, you realise that three years later it’s not crazy any more. And I think there are players that cost ten million that are super expensive because there are players who are four hundred or five hundred thousand or one million. What is expensive and what is not expensive in football, I don’t know any more. I just know that he’s a big player that is going for sure to be important for a big club like Man United. And I’m sure that every Man United fan around the world will be proud to belong to such a big club.”

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